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This girl really sheds the indie scene in a good light!

I Quite Like Gigs

I’m losing track again and I imagine you are so here goes.

First up, Little Boots seems to still be riding on the coattails of Headphones, released as an EP awhile ago, it’s a good tune mind but still no album news..

Subject to an apparent album leak but still going strong, The Vaccines have debut’d second Come Of Age track, Teenage Icon. Keeping the defiant rock-y feel of No Hope and usual Justin Young humour, it makes for yet another top track from this bunch.

Come Of Age is out 3rd September, order here.

Next Two Door Cinema Club, another leaked affair (this time with incredible melodrama everywhere) but nonetheles it doesn’t look like they’ll be falling anytime soon, releasing first incredible single Sleep Alone, album release shows in London, Birmingham, Dublin & Manchester that,as I am aware, sold out within the first hour & gracing the…

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I enjoy many types of music and different cultures. I love art, and I think literature is one of the world's most important studies. I love spiritual ideas about humanity and love. The most influencial person to walk the earth was the creator himself.

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