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Brandi Carlile’s Bear Creek

Brandi Carlile is one of today’s greatest singer/songwriter that the genre has to offer. Her 1997 album The Story is one of my favorites, with her beautiful melodies and impeccable singing voice.  I first saw her at the Basilica Block Party 2007 in Minneapolis, MN. My uncle’s band: The Sweet Colleens shared a trailer with her where I could see her warming her amazing voice up from the blurred sight of a screen wall. We got a wave and a ‘hello’.

Recently she debuted an album called Bear Creek. Exceptional quality. It’s her fourth studio album and she is doing sets at smaller venues like the Fillmore. Last year she did a solo acoustic tour. I just want to give her some credit. Check out her music!

I caught her performance with Blitzen Trapper at the Filmore, November 2nd and it was so cool! It was standing room, general admission so you could get pretty freaking close. That helped when the band and her stepped fourth from the mics and did a number completely unplugged. If you got tickets- which are very hard to get, your in luck! You will experience a very energetic and crisp show.

Brandi Carlile


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