My travels to India were exceptional, I love that She got this event!


Thick.  Immovable, impenetrable thickness, surrounding me in all directions–no one willing to budge.  Any sense of privacy, of individuality, disappears as skin touches skin, someone’s hand pushes my back, a woman crunches my toes, a child wails in my ear, and amidst it all, a stream of sweat drips, ceaselessly, relentlessly. 

I am in a sea.  I am in an ocean of orange and green and white, of the frequent shouts of “Hindustan Zindabad!”  (“Long live India!”), being held back by a single gate.  And just like a huge body of water, this sea of people continues to swell and bulge against the gate, the anticipation of a single moment fueling an unspoken energy that defies the crippling heat.  A sudden spark of hope sprouts in one section of the crowd, rippling through, as the murmurs increase and feet creep forward to the gate, only to be dashed back into…

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