First Aid Kit playing at Austin City Limits

First Aid Kit is a Swedish female duet with hauntingly beautiful vocals and a sweet Americana-folk instrumental sound goin’ on! I think this band, with soaring popularity from their new album The Lion’s Roar, will do so well at a big festival like ACL. Good Luck! Here is their music. I just hope I can catch them in Asheville tomorrow night!!
Love their sound, it sounds like was influenced by Conor Oberst because their Label did Bright Eye’s first Album. God, they are tremendous.


Grouplove, and my favorite song

I’ve been into Grouplove for a little over a year now (lollapollooza 2011 looked awesome…) and haven’t got tired of them in the slightest. Alot of people have probably heard of them by now, considering their single ‘Tongue Tied’ has reached the top 40 charts. (An ironically tragic event for indie fans). That aside, they have one whole album full of passionate, melodically up-beat songs including my favorite: Colours.  I feel like this video is their most artistic effort as a band. I love it! If you liked this one, check out’ Lovely cup’ from the same album : Never Trust a Happy Song.Grouplove: Colours

Brandi Carlile’s Bear Creek

Brandi Carlile is one of today’s greatest singer/songwriter that the genre has to offer. Her 1997 album The Story is one of my favorites, with her beautiful melodies and impeccable singing voice.  I first saw her at the Basilica Block Party 2007 in Minneapolis, MN. My uncle’s band: The Sweet Colleens shared a trailer with her where I could see her warming her amazing voice up from the blurred sight of a screen wall. We got a wave and a ‘hello’.

Recently she debuted an album called Bear Creek. Exceptional quality. It’s her fourth studio album and she is doing sets at smaller venues like the Fillmore. Last year she did a solo acoustic tour. I just want to give her some credit. Check out her music!

I caught her performance with Blitzen Trapper at the Filmore, November 2nd and it was so cool! It was standing room, general admission so you could get pretty freaking close. That helped when the band and her stepped fourth from the mics and did a number completely unplugged. If you got tickets- which are very hard to get, your in luck! You will experience a very energetic and crisp show.

Brandi Carlile

*Anthony Hedrick, My Grandfather.

Evangelist, Artist, Teacher, Minister… This guy influences almost everyone he is around. I Love him very much, He is actually over seas right now. Serving the people of Slovenia. But check out his Blog to see more about his artwork or his ministry. or

A water color

This is one of his many charcoal drawings.

This is my kin, Arron Morgan Brown. He does brilliant work!

Aaron is related to me, the picture of him is actually done by my Grandfather*. My family is very artistic… I’ve a few paintings of his, including this one. I have a couple from the Museology series as well as Nero’s Daughter. His dad** and mom** do some great work as well. Look for Gary and Christy Brown.

Mojo as an art form.

My tag for the past few years is called Mojo. It’s like a compulsion to have to write and draw this on everything I see. Colors and designs are going throughout my brain every minute of the day. Unfortunately most of my pictures of these are on my phone. but soon, I’ll upload some of my artwork. Just remember if you ever see Mojo, it was me…Image