Grouplove, and my favorite song

I’ve been into Grouplove for a little over a year now (lollapollooza 2011 looked awesome…) and haven’t got tired of them in the slightest. Alot of people have probably heard of them by now, considering their single ‘Tongue Tied’ has reached the top 40 charts. (An ironically tragic event for indie fans). That aside, they have one whole album full of passionate, melodically up-beat songs including my favorite: Colours.  I feel like this video is their most artistic effort as a band. I love it! If you liked this one, check out’ Lovely cup’ from the same album : Never Trust a Happy Song.Grouplove: Colours

Their Live performances

Their Live performances

ImageThis band is SO good, their mellow, spacey rythms and nostalgic lyrics are ill. They compliment that scene, with bands like Arcade Fire and the Killers. The video here is live, but check them out on Pandora! Congratulations, Kids, Electric Feel, and Time to Pretend are my favorites.

Banksy’s Arch-Nemisis Mr Brainwash exhibits in London

Check this film out, a GREAT intro to street art featuring MBW, Space Invader, and Shepard Fairey.

Sharking for chips and drinks...

For those who love film and street art there is no going past the 2010 documentary EXIT THROUGH THE GIFT SHOP. It was a project by a crazy yet avid video camera lover who physically wasn’t able to put his camera down.The documentary was my favourite film of that year and if you have yet to see it – then hunt it down by any mean necessary.

Here is the Trailer for this fine film:

By heading out into the Paris streets in the middle of the night to film some of the world’s greatest graffiti artists in action, he was somehow able to make his way to the very top – he got unprecedented access to the kingpin of graffiti – Banksy.

Banksy is a London street artist who has been able to keep his identity completely under wraps, yet able to sell his art for tens of…

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