Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

This group has become my favorite band, and I am hoping to see them at Red Rock Amphitheater in June. Alex Ebert has led this community of musicians with Jade Castrinos since 2007 after he left Ima Robot. Folk music needs a sweet sounding large band with a collective sound and lots of instruments. This song is from their album ‘Here’ which was released last year. Some of their songs have become fairly mainstream- but I feel like the band members haven’t. Check out this video to see what I mean.


Grouplove, and my favorite song

I’ve been into Grouplove for a little over a year now (lollapollooza 2011 looked awesome…) and haven’t got tired of them in the slightest. Alot of people have probably heard of them by now, considering their single ‘Tongue Tied’ has reached the top 40 charts. (An ironically tragic event for indie fans). That aside, they have one whole album full of passionate, melodically up-beat songs including my favorite: Colours.  I feel like this video is their most artistic effort as a band. I love it! If you liked this one, check out’ Lovely cup’ from the same album : Never Trust a Happy Song.Grouplove: Colours

Last Dinosaurs are killer

I Quite Like Gigs

They’ve been floating around since 2008 but since storming the Aussie music scene, Last Dinosaurs have hit British shores and are bringing their indie summerpop with them.

They’re comprised of 2 brothers & 2 friends from Brisbane, Queensland and soon rose to critical acclaim from the likes of Triple J and whothehell.net following the release of 2009 EP Back From The Dead and appearances at various festivals & support slots worldwide.

Since then, they’ve released debut album In A Million Years in March this year through their signing to Dew Process that, along with the singles, thundered into the Top 10 peaking at #2 digitally. Now they’re set to release the album over here & in the rest of Europe following a 10 date UK tour next month and juding by their success overseas, this lot are definetely ones to look out for.

Tickets/More info. here.

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This girl really sheds the indie scene in a good light!

I Quite Like Gigs

I’m losing track again and I imagine you are so here goes.

First up, Little Boots seems to still be riding on the coattails of Headphones, released as an EP awhile ago, it’s a good tune mind but still no album news..

Subject to an apparent album leak but still going strong, The Vaccines have debut’d second Come Of Age track, Teenage Icon. Keeping the defiant rock-y feel of No Hope and usual Justin Young humour, it makes for yet another top track from this bunch.

Come Of Age is out 3rd September, order here.

Next Two Door Cinema Club, another leaked affair (this time with incredible melodrama everywhere) but nonetheles it doesn’t look like they’ll be falling anytime soon, releasing first incredible single Sleep Alone, album release shows in London, Birmingham, Dublin & Manchester that,as I am aware, sold out within the first hour & gracing the…

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Their Live performances

Their Live performances

ImageThis band is SO good, their mellow, spacey rythms and nostalgic lyrics are ill. They compliment that scene, with bands like Arcade Fire and the Killers. The video here is live, but check them out on Pandora! Congratulations, Kids, Electric Feel, and Time to Pretend are my favorites.